Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reacting to unexpected and perhaps uncomfortable situations

Forbes talks with Brenda Greene, author of You've Got the Interview: Now What?, scheduled to be published in November, 2005. In an interview, an interviewer tries to learn (among other things) how a candidate reacts to unexpected and perhaps uncomfortable situations.

However, the seven interviewing mistakes mentioned by Forbes don't offer much in the way of profundity. If you are prone to rambling, criticizing others, or being dishonest in an interview, you've probably already learned the consequences.

Forbes mentions bringing extra copies of your resume, but be prepared for surprises when you learn that "your" resume is not the same as the one the recruiter sent. Long ago, a potential employer commented on my misspelling of "Qualitex" on my resume. I asked to see the resume, which was quite different from the one given the recruiter.


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