Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Patent upheld on grounds of obviousness and anticipation??

Great line in Forbes: In a mixed ruling, a British judge invalidated one Pfizer patent regarding atorvastatin, the active component of Lipitor, but upheld another, on the grounds of "obviousness and anticipation," according to CSFB. With statements like this, can you believe:

"While extrapolating to the U.S. case is risky, legal expert feedback on this ruling suggests that lack of ambiguity in interpreting claims of the racemic patent bodes well for the U.S. racemic patent..." The research firm said a possible repeat of the U.K. court ruling could be reached in the U.S. trial, expected to be decided by the end of the year. UBS maintained a $34 price target on Pfizer shares. "We reiterate our confidence on the outcome of the U.S ruling and view the likelihood of Pfizer defending at least one of the two patents at 85%, based on a consolidated view from legal experts," the firm said.


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