Monday, October 31, 2005

More on Googling +"patent reform" +2795

At 10pm on Oct. 31, the search +"patent reform" +2795 returned 669 hits, continuing a downward trend since we started the search.

The hit for IPBiz on continuations appears on page 3. A different hit for IPBiz on litigation (Sept 05) appears on page 7. Page 12 has a hit about IPBiz [ Searching for "patent reform" on Google. IPBiz — The number of hits for +"patent reform" +2795 dropped to 673 on October 30 at about 8:30am, although the IPBiz entry itself is NOT indexed.] Page 16 has a blinkbits hit for Lawrence B. Ebert referencing the NJLJ article and a hit for "Imagine: no more indecision in intellectual property cases [Intellectual Property Today]. The previous hit for IPBiz [Scott Cleere] does not appear in the first 25 pages, so it has gone from nowhere to page 3 to page 6 and back to nowhere.

An article from Science appears on page 6. Page 12 contains the position of IBM on patent reform.

By page 19, things are thinning out considerably. Thus, a hit to AIEA (cached version only) is on the level: I would urge everyone to take a critical look at HR 2795: The Patent Reform Act of 2005. Let me be clear in saying that this bill has some good material in it. Page 20 has a reference from an abbreviated cv of Professor Thomas Field [2005 -- H.R. 2795 (a patent reform bill) (statement concerning provisions in the bill, with Professor Joshua D. Sarnoff and others)] By page 21, we have hits in Japanese []. By page 23, we have entered the barely relevant [ ;From the “something useful from Slashdot?” department, there's an article on possible patent reform in Congress (house bill 2795 for the curious). Worth keeping an eye on...

In October 2005, a relatively quiet time for "new" hits on H.R. 2795, one sees that the hierarchy for hits for the search +"patent reform" +2795 dramatically changes day-by-day. What one learns from Google about the topic depends strongly on "when" the search is done.

***On Google's PageRank, see webworkshop.


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