Tuesday, October 04, 2005

LegalMetric makes prediction about Pfizer Lipitor case

-->The Lipitor patent infringement case will most likely be decided between now and the end of January, according to a study of federal court records performed by LegalMetric, a litigation data mining company in St. Louis. LegalMetric examined the records of hundreds of previous patent cases held before Judge Farnan, who is handling the Lipitor case. From those records LegalMetric determined that the chance of a decision in the Lipitor patent case by the end of January is 57 percent, and by the end of April is 64 percent.

According to LegalMetric, there is a significant possibility of an earlier decision. Last week there was activity in the Lipitor case, reflecting the fact that Judge Farnan is working on the case, according to LegalMetric. Two weeks ago there was activity in a case that was tried one month before the Lipitor case.
A favorable outcome could result in a long-term increase in Pfizer stock price in the neighborhood of 10 percent, according to LegalMetric's analysis of previous decisions in patent litigation involving Pfizer.


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