Thursday, October 27, 2005

Isn't the Bayh-Dole Act supposed to help American companies?

Hmmm, wasn't the Bayh-Dole Act supposed to help small American companies in the face of challenges from Japan circa 1980? Ironically, we now have technology from the University of Michigan going to a Japanese company (Aisin Seiki) to make products in Kariya, Japan? Sublimely ironic.

-->As part of a program to provide customer support in precision materials processing applications, Imra America Inc. has secured micromachining patent rights from the University of Michigan; both are located in Ann Arbor. Through the license agreement, Imra can extend the use of patented processes to end users and system integrators that purchase its laser products as part of a femtosecond-laser-based micromachining station or setup. The patent covers a method for producing micron-scale features in a variety of materials without inducing thermal damage to surrounding material, using ultrashort laser pulses.<--

IMRA, "Institut Minoru de Recherche Avancée", and now IMRA Europe S.A. - first opened in Valbonne/Nice, France, in 1986. The Femtolite™ ultrafast fiber laser series, the first IMRA America product line, is manufactured in Kariya, Japan, at a facility close to the headquarters of IMRA's parent company, Aisin Seiki.


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