Saturday, October 22, 2005

AP on HR 2795, Oct. 22: "The Wright Brothers -- two slobs in Dayton"

The article begins with quotes from small inventor George Margolin who fears his ability to create is threatened by the legislation of HR 2795 which he says would yank patent protections from little guys like him in favor of big corporations like Microsoft.

The article mentions U.S. Patent No. 5,443,036, issued for a method of using a laser pointer "in an irregular way fascinating to cats" so the animal gets aerobic exercise, which although odd, can hardly be accused of blocking innovation.

The last paragraph: But Margolin and his group, the Professional Inventors Alliance, say the changes would allow big companies to endlessly contest legitimate patents and patent applications. They say the bill would protect corporations with the means to rush to file their applications first over small inventors who actually come up with the ideas, and make it unreasonably difficult for individual patent-holders to pursue legitimate lawsuits against companies that steal their inventions.

The article does not mention fee diversion. The article covers oppositions in a confusing way: the bill includes provisions allowing patents to be challenged for nine months after they are issued, and allowing third parties to present evidence to the patent office related to pending patent applications.


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