Friday, September 02, 2005

WARF, IBM settle

In my talk on April 22, 2005 in Stevenson, Washington, I had mentioned the suit of WARF against IBM:

This viewpoint of academics holding patents is not that of an ivory tower inhabitant. This is further re-enforced by the recent lawsuit brought by the University of Texas against 33 different companies, the suit of WARF against IBM [Research foundation [WARF] suing IBM over patent, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 20, 2004], and the suit of Columbia over the Axel patents. The business focus of academics is seen in a quote by a University of Texas official: "This is not about getting a big win and grabbing some money. It's about keeping things fair in the business world."

from EEJD, 8/31/05:

International Business Machines Corp. on Tuesday became the latest company to settle charges of infringing a patent owned by the University of Wisconsin's research arm in making computer chips.

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which owns patents granted to UW researchers, had accused IBM in a federal lawsuit of infringing on patented technology in making and selling copper-based chips.


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