Monday, September 05, 2005

The Ozonator sold on QVC

Rod Smith's Ozonator recently debuted on the QVC home shopping network, marketed as a $49, high-tech replacement for baking soda, the low-tech remedy for cold-storage smells.

"It took me $1 million and a year and a half to perfect and test the idea," Smith says, noting his five-minute appearance on QVC sold more than 2,000 units. Add those to more than 10,000 preliminary orders from test-marketing in Salt Lake City earlier this year, and Smith is well on the way to recouping his investment.

It all began with filing for a patent. Before the money was spent, research and development completed or production of the Ozonator begun at a plant in China, Smith made sure to fill out the forms to protect his product.

"It's just not something you can afford to leave undone," Smith says. In today's cutthroat environment and litigious age, he adds, nailing down a patent can prove the difference between entrepreneurial glory and ignominy.


Apart from any work by Smith, one notes US 20020037240 with abstract: A refrigerator includes a deodorizer disposed in a cold air circulation path for deodorizing an atmosphere in the refrigerator. The deodorizer includes discharging means for producing ozone and ultraviolet rays by means of high-voltage discharge and a photocatalyst module for decomposing an odor component and injurious matter contained in the atmosphere by means of photocatalyst.

Also, US 20030080068 (KX Industries, L.P.) with abstract: The ozone containing gas is provided when needed, or in the case of a refrigerator, at a time of the day when the refrigerator is not generally in use. The generator may include a source of ultraviolet radiation, a plenum for the air and a plenum for the water. The plenum for the water may be in the form of a tube which is transparent to ultraviolet. The diameter of the tube is preferably selected so that plug flow of water through the tube occurs. The ozone containing air and the disinfected water may be provided to a location remote from the appliance.


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