Sunday, September 11, 2005

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Another article on offshoring. From BPO to KPO - Business India

Mentions the term cyber coolie, and includes discussion of Evalueserve (from evaluation services), Pangea3 and IPPRO. Expresses the idea that KPO provides domain expertise rather than process expertise. Discusses the acquisition by IBM of Daksh.

Also discusses the remote tutoring industry, including career launcher india and educomp, and marketics in the data analytics space.

Also mentions teleradiology.

Note that Indian universities produce two million (English speaking) graduates every year.


From Legally Yours pertaining to an article by the Wall Street Journal about the latest in outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing, outsourcing of legal work to low cost destinations like India:

The article quotes a senior partner at a Chicago law firm:

"Gregg Kirchhoefer, a partner at Kirkland & Ellis of Chicago, one of the more prestigious and profitable American firms, estimates it could be 50 years before lawyers in India do more than "routine, prosaic" American legal work.

Well, without saying too much, take my word for it, this one will go down the history. What was Gregg thinking?


from FinancialExpress:

BPOs trying to position themselves as KPOs (knowledge process outsourcing) are up in arms against Gurgaon-based Evaluserve’s move seeking patent [sic: trademark] for the ’KPO’ service mark with the US Patents and Trademark bureau (USPTO) and the Office of Patents and Trademarks bureau in India.

Evalueserve’s country head Ashish Gupta told FE: “The process would be complete by 2006. We coined the term ’KPO’ in December 2002 and would like to take the credit for it. We were the pioneers of ’KPO’ and would like ourselves to be differentiated with it. But lately, many companies have started using the term.”

Said Mr Sanjay Kamlani, Co-CEO, Pangea3, a legal outsourcing firm:”Any professional high-end services firm can be considered a KPO, including ours.If somebody tries to make it a trademark, we will see a whole lot of players contesting it, which may include Nasscom itself.”

From an article on multijurisdictional practice, 2004-5%20Fund%20Assembly%20final%20cfr.pps:

Lou Dobbs Report

8-10% of all associates hired by large law firms will be offshore hires
(as in India) by 2011.

2000 1,793 off-shore

2005 14,200

2010 34,673

2015 74,672

U.S. Dept of Labor & Forrester Research

The new associates will take on roughly the same work as new associates handle in the firms now at less than 20% of the cost.


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