Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kauffman Foundation on university innovation (Bayh-Dole)

According to a report by researchers at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation:

-- A few research institutions account for the bulk of formal
invention disclosures, patents and licensing, while others lag.
Some elite institutions' innovation output is not nearly
commensurate with their research funding.

-- Due to the lack of a more diverse strategy, innovation
activity tends to revolve around the patent-license model,
thereby placing the burden within the university's largely
understaffed technology transfer office.
Few universities
understand that innovations can move through multiple pathways,
requiring coordination of various activities across a university.

-- Private sector firms and investors trying to license
university innovations report that their efforts are often
hindered by bureaucratic delays and the lack of efficient and
effective cultures, practices and/or expertise within the

-- The problems do not appear to be limited to growing pains
that will resolve themselves over time. Rather, there are
signs the situation may worsen and that university-industry
relationships are suffering. For example, to avoid
difficulties some leading firms and investors will now
deal only with certain favored universities or only with
experienced researchers -- a trend that could further limit
the scope of activity and opportunity.


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