Friday, September 30, 2005

Bowdoin misappropriation matter resolved but no details

The particular issue was improper access to grant applications stored on the university computer system. As one put it: "Can you address what staff are permitted to do with our grants on file, since many might have access to the server where faculty store their work?" If a third party took information from the computer, and used it under the name of the third party, there would be issues of plagiarism and misappropriation.

from the Bowdoin Orient:

After an investigation into a claim that a senior administration official improperly used the work of a faculty member in a grant application, President Mills said in an interview with the Orient that the "issue has been resolved" and that all parties concerned "are in good standing with the College."

Mills would not discuss details of the College's decision in regard to the matter, reported in last week's issue of the Orient. The allegation, made public at a faculty meeting last April by Professor of Biology Carey Phillips, consisted of a claim that a faculty member's work was submitted as a grant proposal without attribution or permission from that faculty member.


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