Wednesday, August 31, 2005

HR 2795: the promise of endless litigation to tie-up patentees?

With good timing, a determined and well-budgeted infringer/opposer can make the patentee suffer through the panoply of proceedings that the Reform bill permits, and in some respects, requires. We are to be assured, though, that this proposed "Reform" legislation serves to "improve" the system, to "reduce" costs and inefficiencies of litigation, and to "modernize" the Patent Office, all of which is funded by fees charged to inventors.<--

Posted by Stephen at August 29, 2005 03:15 PM at patent baristas (guest post by C. Lee Thomason)

LBE note: As an aside, nobody is assuring us that patent fee diversion will end. Thus, all of the new stuff will be only "partly" funded, and who knows how it will get done? The issue of increased burden on the patentee because of oppositions was discussed in Lawrence B. Ebert, "Patent Reform 2005: Sound and Fury Signifying What?", New Jersey Law Journal, July 18, 2005.


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