Friday, July 29, 2005

Another "nothing left to patent" shriek

The quote attributed to a former Commissioner of Patents was fake, but here's a real one.

from David Berlind, More patent absurdity threatens net commerce:

In case you missed it, it's cases like this one that motivated me to engage in a bit of satire over the entire patent fiasco. The point of it is that if we keep heading down this rathole, sooner or later, inventors won't be able to invent anything without infringing on a patent. All the patents will have been taken up. There will be nothing less [sic] to patent. And with all those patent holders putting the squeeze on everyone else like Woolsten is, the world will be a far less interesting, colorful, and lively place than it has the potential to be if innovation can truly flourish.

Yes, Berlind is talking about the litigation between MercExchange and eBay.

If there's nothing left to do in intellectual property, let's all move to Mumbai, or Bangalore, or ...


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