Friday, June 17, 2005

Indexing in Google; paroxetine

Of my recent post on SKB v. Apotex, I noticed that Google has indexed a site referencing my post (Kinja) but not my post itself.

Apotex, ice-9. IPBiz — In the second CAFC decision in SMITHKLINE BEECHAM CORPORATION v. APOTEX CORP. 3 hours ago | Read the rest. Newsy Bits - 22k - Jun 16, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages.

The only reality becomes the citation, not the original!

Separately, to point out a more obvious flaw in the district court analysis, and the second CAFC decision, concerning the "conversion" of anhydrate (prior art) to hemihydrate (claimed compound), note that these compounds are not simple polymorphs; one has water and one doesn't. If the anhydrate, once formed, were kept in the absence of water, it would NEVER convert to the hemihydrate, so it is not true that making the anhydrate inevitably leads to the hemihydrate, a point entirely missed by the courts.


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