Sunday, June 05, 2005

Efforts in Canada on drug sales to US

from Reuters:

Canada's parliamentary health committee, nervously eyeing U.S. legislative moves to buy cheap Canadian drugs, has called for a ban on the bulk exports of foreign-made pharmaceuticals.

A Conservative motion passed on Thursday afternoon [June 2, 2005] with the support of three of Parliament's four parties, including the governing Liberal Party. It would curb bulk drug exports only and would not ban sales to individuals by Internet pharmacies.

"Putting drugs in a trailer and shipping them across the border is just not on the cards," Conservative Member of Parliament Steven Fletcher told Reuters on Friday.

The proposal would be a pre-emptive strike against threats from U.S. pharmaceutical companies that they might halt shipments to Canada if the drugs are simply shipped back to the United States, and sold at levels that undercut U.S. prices.

"Ujjal Dosanjh has for months threatened to implement a heavy-handed shutdown of Canadian on-line pharmacies, yet has refused to ban bulk drug exports, a measure that would protect the on-line pharmacy industry and safeguard Canada's drug supply," a Conservative statement said.


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