Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Pat-rights goes after Apple over iPod

Pat-rights Ltd. noted on its Web site March 7, 2005 that its patented technology which helps verify a user's identity before permitting the user to download tracks is being infringed by Apple. It wants 12 percent of all profits from iTunes and iPod sales, claiming it holds the patents to technology that governs the use of downloads through Apple Computer Inc.'s online music service.

Joseph Zito, an attorney for Pat-rights said: "We expect to be successful in licensing negotiations with Apple. They're a good company that understands intellectual-property rights, and we think they'll be reasonable. My client was first in touch with Apple during the months of December [2004] and January, so Apple has been aware of the issue for a couple of months."

Pat-rights indicated it intends to sue Apple if the issue is not settled by March 21, 2005.


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