Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dupont planning to increase patent filing

from Reuters, March 15, 2005:

Thomas Connelly, Dupont's chief science & technology officer : "I expect to see us increasing our patent filing by near double digit rates over the next few years."

DuPont recently built a research and development facility near Shanghai in China that employs about 100 scientists and engineers with room for far more, and is opening a smaller facility with a "handful of staff" in South Korea.

"We will continue this trend. The next on our list will be India and Russia and you will see that happening very shortly," Connelly told a Merrill Lynch chemicals conference.

"We need to go to where the growth is."

Sales from new products were expected to increase to 33 percent of total sales in 2005, aided by growth in emerging markets.

Connelly said about 60 percent of these new product sales cannibalized or replaced other DuPont sales last year, which totaled $27.3 billion, but this divide was expected to decline to about 50 percent.


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