Friday, December 31, 2004

Turmoil at AeroTelesis over license?

AeroTelesis is a California company whose technology is based on a standard known as Ultra Spectral Modulation, or USM. The company's Internet site compares USM to two standards that transmit mobile-phone calls today -- Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications.

from the Bloomberg article:

-->The license covers patents for a design AeroTelesis is developing to send high-speed wireless phone calls, data and video -- a technology the company says on its Web site is ``core'' to the business. AeroTelesis valued the license at $2.7 million, or 96 percent of the company's assets as of Sept. 30.

Narayanan, 52, said he asked board members Christopher Cox and Gutierrez for copies of the company's license agreement and for an audited financial statement. They refused, he said. The men called a board meeting and asked Narayanan to resign, he said. When he refused, he said, ``they just voted me out.'' <--

Recall in 2003, Qualcomm charged that Texas Instruments violated a confidentiality agreement by disclosing key information about its business relationship in early May, 2003. About that time, Texas Instruments was making public its plans to manufacture and sell CDMA wireless phone chips.

Separately, Qualcomm and the Swedish Ericsson have been in a legal squabble over 3G (third generation) technical standards and alleged patent infringements since 1996. Ericcson's Global System for Mobile communications is a digital cellular system found in almost all of Europe, parts of Asia, and parts of North America, while Qualcomm's CDMA dominates in North America.


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