Monday, December 20, 2004

Tough IP fight between Arriva and AlphaMed

The technology concerns using alpha 1-antitrypsin, or AAT, for treating hereditary emphysema and studying AAT for the treatment of inflammatory ear disease and asthma. The fight has been severe.

from the East Bay Times:

Judge Paul Katz was unhappy with both sides.

"This court has deep concerns with respect to the conduct of the plaintiff, Dr. Allan Wachter, and with the respect to the conduct of the defendants, John Lezdey and Jarett Lezdey, throughout this litigation," Katz said, according to court transcripts. "This court has little doubt that the Wachters may have been threatened and that certain Lezdey properties may have been burglarized, but this court believes that both plaintiffs and defendants have such animosity toward one another, that they have deeply exaggerated their fears and the nature of their confrontations."



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