Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Oak Ridge National Lab reviewing SPORE software

From the article below, it appears that the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is currently reviewing the SPORE's software for patent analysis.

from a press release on Nov. 16, 2004:

Spore, a provider of intellectual property consulting services and software, will work with a federally funded initiative in Western North Carolina on technology transfer of patents related to energy efficiency, the company said Monday.

Spore was selected by the Western North Carolina Center for Technology Commercialization (WNCCTC) as part of a project intended to help turn more than 300 patented applications into new business. The patents include biology/chemistry, electrical/mechanical and materials engineering.

"Spore is the first company to offer an IP software tool designed to simplify the patent process in the most efficient and cost effective way possible," said JiNan Glasgow, the founder and CEO of Spore. She also is a practicing patent attorney and a former patent examiner with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.


The Department of Energy funds the WNCCTC through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It is managed by the Institute of Biltmore, which is based in Asheville. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is currently reviewing the software.

Spore uses search and matrix technology to review, organize and classify the patents and technolofies.

The WNCCTC will introduce the technology at its Energy Efficient Technology and Business Fair on Jan. 25 in Enka, NC.


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