Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Google scholar

A search of selected academic literature is available at

It won't be mistaken for Dialog, but it's free.

To illustrate some of the problems, I searched on myself, as L.B. Ebert.

The first three hits were denoted [citation], meaning that the pertinent article was identified only because it was cited, not because the database had the article.

Then, there was the hit

Experimental Band Structure and Temperature-Dependent Magnetic Exchange Splitting of Nickel Using …
DE Eastman, FJ Himpsel, JA Knapp - Cited by 96
Using angle-resolved photoemission and synchrotron radiation, we have determined
the energy-versus-momentum valence-band dispersion relations for a Ni(111) ...
Physical Review Letters, 1978 - link.aps.org - adsabs.harvard.edu

which was totally irrelevant.

Similarly irrelevant was

Nature of the Bond in Hydrogen Chemisorption on Ni, Pd, and Pt
JP Muscat, DM Newns - Cited by 5
We describe a model of H chemisorption on Ni, Pd, and Pt in which both extended
sp bands and the more localized d bands are appropriately incorporated. It ...
Physical Review Letters, 1979 - link.aps.org - adsabs.harvard.edu

Google scholar appears to need work. It is flawed.


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