Sunday, October 10, 2004

Intel wins dispute with AMD over document release

To support a charge before the European Commission of anticompetitive behavior by Intel, AMD had requested access to documents from the lawsuit by Intergraph against Intel. A decision issued on Oct. 4, 2004 by U.S. District Judge James Ware in San Jose, Calif. denied the motion by AMD, and Intel publicly released this on Friday, October 8.

-->Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD has requested access to hundreds of thousands of pages of Intel documents that it believes will help prove Intel threatens to retaliate against customers that do business with AMD.

The documents were produced during a prior U.S. lawsuit against Intel by Intergraph. Intergraph's accusations against Intel included patent infringement and antitrust claims, which were rejected by a U.S. court in 2001.

The European Commission opened an investigation into Intel's business practices after AMD filed a complaint in October 2000 accusing Intel of engaging in anticompetitive behavior in violation of European laws. The commission has taken no enforcement actions.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel, which has denied AMD's charges, was pleased with Ware's ruling.

Intel "We've said all along that AMD's request for discovery was unjustified. The European Commission told AMD that (the commission) didn't want the information AMD was trying to get ahold of," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy.

Patrick Lynch, a lawyer for AMD, said the company was disappointed with the judge's ruling and would determine whether it would appeal.<--


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