Monday, October 18, 2004

GPCI/Scieran sue Bausch & Lomb unit

from PRNewswire:

A complaint filed in the District of Delaware alleges that Bausch & Lomb Surgical Inc, a unit of Bausch & Lomb, Inc., manufactured, used, sold and/or offered for sale a disposable high-speed vitrectomy cutter, without the rights or license from Scieran, acts of infringement of Scieran's US Patent Nos. 6,629,98 ("Apparatus and method for performing opthalmic procedures") and 6,258,111. Scieran seeks unspecified compensatory damages and a permanent injunction against Bausch & Lomb.

UPDATE. from Rochester Business Journal:

Scieran alleges that the inner cannula used in Bausch & Lomb’s vitrectomy cutters infringes two Scieran patents, Bausch & Lomb officials said. But the local company uses the inner cannula supplied by Promex Technologies LLC in Franklin, Ind.
“Promex has indemnified Bausch & Lomb against patent liability relating to this inner cannula. Bausch & Lomb believes this lawsuit is without merit and will conduct a vigorous defense in this case,” said Margaret Graham, spokeswoman for Bausch & Lomb.


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