Saturday, July 17, 2004

Academic opinion on intellectual property

from an opinion piece by Ronald L. Phillips, Jim Chen, Ruth Okediji, and Dan Burk

in The Scientist, 18(14), July 19, 2004

What else can be done? Improved assessment of the impact of the expiration of key patents would help. A humanitarian use exemption for special situations would be useful, and public institutions should clarify their intellectual policy policies. A recently developed clause provides a model for public institutions to modify their intellectual property policy statements. Other possible measures include the raising of patentability standards, evaluating the apparent loss of universities' so-called research exemption from patent infringement liability [i.e., Madey v. Duke University], adapting licensing policies within the public sector, and revitalizing stewardship of intellectual property. In the long run, building scientific and institutional capacity in developing countries may be the most important means by which American universities can discharge their moral obligation to the world at large.

Reference 2 is 2. R.N. Beachy, "IP policies and serving the public," Science, 299:473, 2003.


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